Color Therapy for the Soul!

Aura-Soma is a system of color, plant, flower, and mineral essences in a bottle. Through divine inspiration,Vicky Wall, anapothecary outside of London, created this system to bring balance to your being. This "Therapy for your Soul" can give you support, bring clarity, reveal your life's purpose, spark your creativity and allow your spirit to soar!

Gazing at the 105 bottles is like looking at a rainbow of jewels. These amazing colors reflect you. In a consultation, you choose four bottles that you are drawn too. Within your selection is a journey of discovery, what your soul is saying through the vibration of color. As a Certified Aura-Soma Practitioner, Christine Aegean of Laguna Beach Massage, gently guides you through the meanings of your chosen colors which may bring understanding to your challenges, awaken your gifts and open you up to a rainbow of possibilities! You can schedule a one hour four bottle color consult or the Color Vibration Massage© which includes a two bottle color consult, a massage, and one balance oil. Please check "Menu" page for prices.

Aura-Soma is a color vibration that supports you on your path. The Balance Bottles are half oil and half water and all have a wonderful light aroma. They are made to be applied to your physical body. Receiving a Massage and a Bath Soak with Aura- Soma is a beautiful way to experience the balancing effects of your chosen colors and to feel a profound sense of peace, relaxation and renewal!



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