My Story

A Little Background

I grew up in North Orange County but I spent a lot of time in South O.C. going to the beaches. As a child, Laguna Beach was a magical place and I always looked forward  to my mother taking me to the Sawdust Festival. Being attracted to the arts, I received  my Bachelor of Arts  degree from California State University of Fullerton. My passion for acting led me to Hollywood where I had an agent, went on auditions and was apart of a theatre company: F.A.T.E. (Friends and Artists Theatre Ensemble) little did I know that my "fate" would be in the Healing Arts.

While living in Venice Beach, a friendof mine invited me to a meditation group. It was just what I needed because at the time I was working in the garment industry while pursuing my acting career and both were demanding. I had hoped that this group would give the peace and balance that I so desperately needed. It did that and so much more; the teacher of the group opened me up to a whole new world where I learned meditation, the power of prayer/visualization, energy work, chakras and Native American Indian ways and ceremony. It was truly a transformational time. I now knew I no longer wanted  to pursue acting and I could no longer tolerate working in the garment business. I knew something had to give, and something did. Through a workshop led by author Barbara Sher based on her book, "How to Get What You Really Want", I realized what I really wanted was to be able to "move" people. I got to experience this with the work I did in my meditation group. This led me to become a certified massage practitioner. A whole new world opened up for me which eventually led me to Laguna Beach, that magical place that I had dreamed of living in one day.

That day came and my dream was realized. I now live in Laguna Beach and I established my own business, Laguna Beach Massage. A sanctuary where I get to "move" people and be "moved" every week in my beautiful office overlooking Woods Cove Beach in South Laguna. This has been my "fate" and I am eternally grateful!



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