Massage Modalities

Laguna Beach Swedish Massage: A firm circulatory massage that stretches and relaxes your muscle tissue. This is a truly soothing massage that will leave both your body and mind floating on a cloud.

Laguna Beach Deep Tissue Massage: No oil is used which allows the massage to go slow and deep. Elbows, fists and knuckles are used to sink deep into the tissue to bring a Profound Sense of Relaxation to a troubled area leaving you with improved mobility.

Laguna Beach Healing Hot Massage: Ancient volcanic stones are heated to 120 degrees in water and essential oils. The whole body is then massaged with the stones. The warmth of the stones melt away your tension while you travel to a place of peace and tranquility.

Laguna Beach Prenatal Massage: Relieves muscle and joint pain, brings breath awareness, reduces excess fluid and most importantly, it brings relaxation and nurturing to the Mom-to-Be who is going through so many changes. This massage is done after the first trimester and only if it is a healthy pregnancy. Special techniques and pillows for support are used, leaving Mom-to-Be Relaxed and Rejuvenated!

Laguna Beach Massage Purifying Bath Soaks: Relaxes your muscle tissue while toxins are released and minerals are absorbed and all negativity of the day is washed away allowing you to experience a deeper sense of peace and relaxation during your massage. Choose from a Fresh Rose Petal Soak, Eucalyptus-Salt Soak, Herbal Tea Bath, Color Bath, or Seaweed Soak.

Laguna Beach Massage Release and Manifest Ceremony: These sessions may include a Purifying Bath Soak, Massage, Heart Writing, Meditation, Sound Work, Chakra Balancing, Color Therapies, and a Beach Walk. All which are customized to your needs so that you can release what no longer serves you, manifest your heart's desires, feel empowered and have a new sense of peace, joy and gratitude.

Laguna Beach Color Vibration Massage©: Includes an Aura-Soma two bottle consultation and one balance oil that is used in your massage and is yours to take home. This massage is Color therapy for your soul and body bringing you balance and a profound sense of peace. Please click on the Aura-Soma page for more information.

Laguna Beach Massage Chakra Balancing: Use of sound, color, crystals and visualization effect the subtle bodies aligning your chakras and leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and balanced.



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