Client Testimonials

"I was suffering from chronic migraines and constant neck and shoulder pain which was becoming detrimental to my personal and professional life when I scheduled my first appointment with Christine of Laguna Beach Massage. That was a couple of years ago. Her work reduced my migraines by at least 90% and I now have greater mobility in my neck and shoulders. Her insight, expertise and experience has been a major factor in improving my quality of life and my regular appointments with Christine continues to help me maintain my overall well being. She is the best!" Charles E. Kollmann P.E., Laguna Beach, Ca. 

"Christine has decreased my Fibromyalgia symptoms because of my weekly treatments with her. She truly cares about my specific health needs. She is gifted with strong healing hands and a good heart." Barbara Phillips, Dove Canyon, Ca.

"Christine of Laguna Beach Massage has provided a calming and rejuvenating experience for me which has begun my path to a balanced way of living." Jeff Zakaryan, Dana Point, Ca.

"I have been to at least fifty different massage therapists but none of those experiences can compare to Christine's work. Her amazing intuition seems to guide her directly to help me achieve the exact holistic balance that I happen to need each time. I recently dragged myself to see her after being extremely depleted. I walked in feeling like I had crawled across the Sahara Desert and left feeling like I spent a week at an Oasis after Christine's miraculous treatment! Christine of Laguna Beach Massage truly is a miracle worker." Barbara Northcutt, Corona del Mar, Ca. 

"I have been seeing Christine of Laguna Beach Massage for many years. My monthly visits with her are an important part of my health regimen. In May of 2007 I was experiencing a lot of pain after a work related injury which led me to various medical treatments but it wasn't until my session with Christine that I was able to have my first night of uninterrupted sleep. Christine and her treatments have been a blessing in my life." Rick Lavers, Conrad Architects, Laguna Beach, Ca.

"Christine's Release/ Manifestation Ceremony felt like I was being guided by an Angel. Christine's knowledge, intuition, and expertise gently enabled me to let go of negative feelings and unhealthy thoughts on many levels which allowed me to open myself up to new, loving and beautiful possibilities which I am now realizing. I am truly grateful for her work!" T. Vartanian, Los Angeles, Ca.

"The Energy work and Chakra Balancing I have received from Christine at Laguna Beach Massage was powerful and healing. With her sensitive yet strong guidance and her sacred space she has created, I felt safe to release deep, painful emotions that were trapped within. After the letting go, the best part was how Christine guided me to fill up with joy and peace. It was a complete rejuvenating and balancing experience!" Anna Krajec, Laguna Beach, Ca.

"I have been seeing Christine at Laguna Beach Massage for several years. Her caring and professional service, intuitive wisdom and knowledge with Aura-Soma sets her apart. I highly recommend her!" C. S., Laguna Beach 



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